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Affordable, Specialist Content and Automation Tools for Clinic Growth

At Co-Kinetic, we simplify marketing for physical therapy clinics by providing affordable, specialist content and easy-to-use automation tools.

Our goal is to save you time, attract more patients, and support your clinic’s growth. Many clinics struggle with the complexities and time demands of effective marketing, and Co-Kinetic offers a comprehensive solution to these challenges.

Core Values


We prioritise building trust over making quick sales.


We offer genuine, practical solutions, not empty promises.


We provide a complete ecosystem of ready-to-use marketing content and tools tailored specifically for physical therapists, ensuring you can focus on what you do best – treating your patients.

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* Global Health & Pharma Magazine’s 2024 Global Excellence Awards – Best Physical Therapy Marketing Specialists 2024 – UK
* Shortlisted for ‘Top 5 Patient Experience Solutions Providers in UK 2024’ by Healthcare Tech Outlook

Trusted by 2000+ Physical Therapy Business Owners Worldwide

6 Reasons Why Physical Therapists Love Co-Kinetic

Saves you time

We provide all the resources you need to help your patients and promote your business, with automation tools that allow you to set and go.

Keeps you on track

Follow our proven marketing funnel to streamline your efforts, ensuring you know exactly what to do and when, without the overwhelm.

Builds trust

Our educational, non-salesy content helps build strong, long-term relationships with your patients by addressing their concerns and demonstrating your expertise.

Connected content

All our content is part of a cohesive ecosystem, designed to work seamlessly together to maximise your marketing impact and efficiency.

Easy to use

Our user-friendly platform requires zero tech skills, and our dedicated support team is here to assist you every step of the way.

No risk

Enjoy a 7-day free trial with nothing billed upfront and a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

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Everything we do is centred around helping you to add value, build authority and cultivate trust

What is education-based marketing?

Education-based marketing is the sharing of knowledge with the purpose of building trust. It is a strategy that establishes credibility with your customers by using educational messages (Wikipedia). Click here or on the video below for an animated video which explains how it works for physical therapists.

What’s the difference between sales and marketing?

Marketing is about raising awareness of your business, attracting prospects (ie. growing an audience) and building and nurturing trust with those prospects. Sales is the part where you convert those prospects into paying customers. We provide you with the tools to do both.

Who we help?

People who thrive with our resources are the ones who want to run a different kind of business.

Our subscribers are invested in building trust and a sense of community with their audience. This doesn’t happen overnight, but when it’s done right, it pays huge dividends, helping build a loyal customer base that will keep coming back and stick with you when times are tough (during a recession, or global pandemic, for example!).

In short, our subscribers are genuinely committed to putting the ’care’ back into ‘healthcare’.

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Best way to sell something: don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect and trust of those who might buy.

Rand Fishkin

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