The Co-Kinetic Marketing Grader for Physical Therapists

Today we’re back to talk all about the Marketing Grader, something that our founder, Tor Davies, developed in 2017 as a means of delivering a free email course on marketing, specifically designed for physical and manual therapists. So far, it’s been completed by 1,500 therapists from all over the world!

What is the Marketing Grader?

The Marketing Grader consists of 20 easy Yes/No questions designed to establish where you are with your current marketing, and to help you decide which actions you should prioritise going forward to give you the most time and cost-effective ‘bang for your marketing buck’. And we give you a score at the end to see how you compare with your fellow therapists.

Have you done the survey yet? It takes less than 5 minutes, and once completed you will receive a series of 8 emails (1 a day for a week), outlining what your next marketing actions should be, why and with practical step-by-step advice on how to actually get these tasks done. You can take the survey here.

Show me the statistics…

Physical and manual therapists are spending an average of 9.5 hours a month on their marketing, but they’re not doing the marketing activities that will generate the results they want. Here are some of the findings:

  • 97% of physical and manual therapists rated their desire for new clients as 3 or more.
  • 42% of physical therapists don’t have a Google My Business profile
  • and 72% have less than 5 reviews on Google

All this means is that physical therapists just aren’t helping themselves be found by the search engines! So what are you waiting for? Take the survey by CLICKING HERE and get some helpful guidance on how to boost your online presence and social media.

About the Author

Tor Davies is a former-physio, turned publisher who founded the peer-reviewed translational journal, sportEX medicine in 1999 (which given she still thinks she’s 25, makes her a child-prodigy)! She went on to develop Co-Kinetic – an easy-to-use marketing solution for Physical Therapists which includes automated social media, a huge library of tried and tested marketing resources, email templates, nurture funnels and much, much more. Tor, by her own admission, is obsessed with efficiency, automation and creating user-friendly technology that helps business owners do more, with less. She is constantly looking for ways in which she can apply the 80:20 rule to whatever she’s doing! She loves making new connections – you can find her on Facebook and LinkedIn or if you’d like to book a chat with her to discuss your marketing you can do that here.

Blog Author

Tor Davies

Co-Kinetic Founder

I’m a physio-turned publisher with a passion for technology and a ‘verging on OCD-like’ obsession with efficiency and effectiveness! I spend way too much time coming up with new ways of using technology to help practitioners develop their businesses, a topic that I also speak on regularly at global conferences. I’m mad about dogs and love pubs too 🙂