Seize the Advantage with Early Access to Our Physical Therapy Marketing Licences

As we gear up for the December launch of our specialised marketing platform for physical therapists, we’re introducing a tiered licencing model that genuinely rewards early adopters. This model is about giving you a fair head start, ensuring you get the most value as our platform grows and evolves. It’s a straightforward approach: the earlier you join, the more you stand to gain—not just in savings, but in access to an ever-improving suite of tools designed to make marketing easier and more effective for your clinic.

Why Tiered Licences?

The concept of tiered licence releases is simple. We’ve structured our pricing to respect the early investment of pioneering clinics, the ongoing addition of new features and content, and the need to maintain regional exclusivity as licences are taken up. Here’s how it benefits your practice:

  • Scaled Pricing: Our initial licence fees are set at an accessible rate, rewarding those who commit early. As licences in a particular area are purchased, the cost for new members will increase, ensuring that your early investment grants you more for less.
  • Equal Access to Expanding Features: All licence holders, regardless of when they join, will have access to the complete and growing set of tools. Early adopters gain the advantage of receiving all future updates and additional content that rolls out post-purchase at no additional expense.
  • Batched Releases for Individual Attention: Rolling out licences in phases allows us to provide exceptional, hands-on support, ensuring that your clinic can seamlessly adopt and utilise every feature of our platform without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.
  • Exclusive Regional Presence: To prevent saturation and keep your marketing impactful, we carefully control the number of licences available in each area. This deliberate scarcity ensures that your marketing remains unique and your services get the visibility they deserve.

Our tiered licence model is designed for fairness and growth, allowing each clinic to maximise its marketing potential while contributing to a community of like-minded professionals.

Content and Technology: The Heart of Our Platform

When you choose one of our licences, you’re not just getting a marketing tool; you’re unlocking a comprehensive suite of content and technology designed to streamline your marketing efforts and enhance your clinic’s online presence. Here’s what every licence includes:

Content to Engage and Educate:

  • Monthly Content Campaigns: Stay relevant with fresh campaigns each month, focused on health, well-being, and musculoskeletal care.
  • Editable Blog Posts: Two SEO-optimised articles per month to boost your website’s visibility and provide valuable information to both current and potential patients. The blog posts are fully customisable.
  • Customer Nurture Emails: Regular, professionally written emails to keep your audience engaged and informed, fostering trust and encouraging repeat visits. Every email is editable.
  • Social Media Posts: A range of ready-to-go posts to maintain a consistent, informative presence on your social channels. The text in these posts is also editable.
  • Patient Advice Leaflets: Branded materials that serve not just online but as tangible takeaways for local outreach, interlinking with your digital content (social posts, blogs and emails) for a cohesive strategy.
  • Lead-Generating Ads: Pre-written ad copy and imagery to help you attract and convert leads effectively on social media platforms.

Technology to Simplify and Amplify:

  • Social Media Scheduling Tool: A user-friendly scheduler pre-loaded with content, ready for publishing, saving you time and keeping your profiles active.
  • Automated Email Workflows: Set-and-forget email sequences that nurture customer relationships with minimal input required from you after initial setup.
  • Automated Blog Posting Tool: Keep your blog updated without manual effort; our platform does the posting for you.
  • Lead Collection Pages: Conversion-optimised pages for each new campaign to help grow your email list and track the success of your lead generation efforts.
  • List Upload Capability: Easily import your existing client list into the platform for immediate use in your marketing campaigns.
  • Engagement Analytics: Understand the reach and effectiveness of your content with straightforward analytics for your social media, website, and emails.

This combination of content and technology ensures that you have everything you need to execute a powerful and structured marketing strategy that resonates with your audience and reflects the quality of your clinic’s services.

Our goal is to deliver the marketing system you’ve been looking for — a nearly autonomous marketing ecosystem that’s efficient and hands-off. We’re committed to reducing the time you spend on marketing each month, without sacrificing your effectiveness.

Licence Tiers and Pricing: Choose Your Path

Our tiered licencing model is designed to fit the varying needs and timings of different clinics. Below is a transparent breakdown of the available tiers, along with the number of licences available and their estimated release dates. Each tier offers the same comprehensive suite of tools and content, with the pricing reflecting the demand and regional exclusivity as we progress.

TierMonthly PriceNumber of Licences AvailableEstimated Release
1£9924Dec 2023
2£12918Jan 2024
3£14932Feb 2024

Why Does Pricing Differ Between Tiers?

  • Early Adoption Advantage: The earlier you secure your licence, the more cost-effective it is. Early tiers benefit from a lower price point as a thank you for joining us at the start of our journey.
  • Increasing Value Over Time: As we release new features and more content becomes available, the price of new licences reflects this added value.
  • Regional Exclusivity: We increase prices to maintain the exclusivity and impact of the content in your area, ensuring that as the number of clinics using our platform in your region grows, the marketing remains potent and effective.

Remember, the number of licences is limited in each release to ensure that we can provide the highest level of support and maintain the quality of service for all our users. By securing a licence early, you’re not only locking in the best rate but also ensuring that you benefit from all the platform’s future enhancements.

Joining the Waitlist: Your First Step to Marketing Success

Getting started with our platform is as simple as joining our waitlist. By signing up, you’re taking a proactive step towards enhancing your clinic’s marketing strategy without any obligation to purchase. Here’s how it works and why it matters:

  • No Commitment Necessary: Joining the waitlist doesn’t tie you to a purchase. It’s a way to express your interest and stay informed.
  • Be the First to Know: As a member of the waitlist, you’ll receive updates about licence availability ahead of the general public. This means you get the chance to secure your licence at the best possible rate before anyone else.
  • Secure Your Advantage: Early waitlist members have the opportunity to access the lowest pricing tiers and are the first to benefit from our platform’s latest features and content.


How to Join the Waitlist

It’s easy to join:

  1. Visit our waitlist page.
  2. Fill in the necessary details to register your interest.
  3. Once you’re on the list, we’ll keep you updated with all the information you need to make an informed decision about when and which licence tier to choose.

Joining the waitlist is more than just a sign-up; it’s a strategic move for your clinic’s future. With no strings attached, you have everything to gain by being part of our growing community of forward-thinking physical therapy clinics.

And if you’re not ready to join the waitlist but you’re questioning your current strategy, wondering if your budget could be working harder, or simply need a sanity check on your marketing approach, I’m here to chat. No strings attached, just honest advice tailored to your clinic. And if you’re curious about the marketing solutions I offer, we can cover that too. You can book a chat with me here.

Still Got Questions But Don’t Want to Speak To Me?

There’s a good chance they’re covered in this FAQs post 😅.

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