How To Add £4k to your Bottom Line in Less Than 6 hours a Month

As a straight-talking, no BS, former physiotherapist, who has worked with several hundred practitioners to grow their businesses, I’ll show you how a single therapist can achieve this month in, month out, without resorting to discounts, offers or any other cheap sales tactics, and while staying true to your personal and professional values.

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Learn how to set all your marketing up in JUST 6 hours per month

How to go from feeling overwhelmed and confused about your marketing to generating a controllable flow of new patients, whenever you want them, using the knowledge from this webinar, in 6 or less hours a month. I discuss the process in detail and give you everything you need to implement the strategy – in other words I hold literally nothing back (unlike most webinars) because this is not what I sell (which also means there’s no hideous sales pitch at the end – scouts honour). 

Saves you time

Stop wasting time and money on marketing activities that don’t work, by learning the 20% of marketing activities that will give you 80% of your results

Add £4,386* every month

By implementing my trust-building patient generation strategy, explained in detail in this webinar – I hold nothing back and give you everything you need

Controlled supply of clients

Turn the strategy on only when you need it and free yourself from those cashflow destroying “feast or famine” diaries

Increase recommendations

Without relying on the unpredictability of word-of-mouth recommendations but at the same time increasing the chance of them happening

*I’ll walk you through the case study on the webinar, so you can replicate it

Unprecedented Viewing Stats

4 out of 5 people watch the entire webinar

WITH FREE DOWNLOAD: The Physical Therapist’s Marketing Manual

Attendees of the webinar will receive a copy of my Physical Therapist’s Marketing Manual packed with resources that will save you time, save you money and help keep you on track.

This manual support and enhances the webinar by providing a range of resources you can use to quickly implement your learning.  Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll also be able to explore more advanced strategies around optimising your social media for your business, running social media ads, building loyal audiences, organising and running customer conversion and open clinic events, selling vouchers and creating membership groups all aimed at growing your bottom line in the quickest, most effective way possible.

Highlights include:

  • Checklists to help you stay on track
  • Worksheets to help you plan your activities
  • Cheatsheets to help you make progress fast
  • Canva artwork templates to drive helpful customer interactions
  • Excel spreadsheet templates for budgeting and planning
  • An Co-Kinetic exclusive “State of the Industry” report revealing what your competitors are up to (or not in this case!)
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Hosted By Tor Davies


Tor Davies began her professional life training as a physiotherapist at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, UK. She went on to complete a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science at the University of Birmingham while also achieving a WTA international tennis ranking. After graduation she worked in marketing with a London agency and then moved into medical journalism where her passion for publishing was born. At 27, she established sportEX medicine, a quarterly professional education journal for physical and manual therapists. With a passion for technology as well as publishing, Tor’s leadership grew sportEX into the Co-Kinetic journal and more recently a dummy-proof marketing system to help therapists market themselves without needing technology skills. Tor’s focus is on producing patient-facing content to help therapists develop their professional authority and brand, build trust and grow their own businesses, while working more efficiently and effectively, a topic that she speaks regularly on at global conferences and in her webinars.

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