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There’s a saying, “You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything.” In other words, without an audience, it’s hard to promote anything at all, or convert prospects into paying customers. And that means you’re not in control of your business, you have to wait for people to come to you – when they feel like it – which is not a great business strategy, unless your business is just a hobby!

Two of the best ways to create an audience is to grow your social media following and to build your email list – and then focus on building trust and engagement with those people – it’s easier than it sounds…read on. 

Some Tips To Get You Started

  • Social media is one of the most powerful tools for building targeted audiences – it’s great for demonstrating authority and building trust through your social media pages
  • You can also use paid ads to build your email list…follow the next steps
  • Produce one (or ideally more) ‘lead magnets’ that match your target patient groups – these should be high-value resources that your prospective patient wants keenly enough to share their email address in order to download it
  • Create an email lead collection form – completion of the form allows your new email lead (think prospect) to download your lead magnet 
  • Regularly send your growing audience educational (non-salesy) emails to strengthen relationships, build trust and establish authority – key for customer conversion
  • Write emails on a variety of topics, so you can start to build a picture of who is interested in what (often refered to as segmentation) – this leads to higher open and click rates
  • Use a reputable email marketing platform so you can comply with GDPR requirements and also use opens and clicks to what refine emails you send and to whom
  • Always make sure your emails focus on adding value – share useful advice, tips or links to helpful resources – don’t bore them with boring clinic updates or sales pitches!

Helpful Free Resources

Physical Therapy Strategies for Being Seen, Found and Heard

We explore each element with practical tips for achieving each goal 
Running a physical therapy business involves not only working on your patients but also working on your business. One of the key business activities is marketing, and many people avoid this because they don’t know what to do or where to start.

This article has broken it down into simple, easy steps and shows you how to make the biggest impact for minimal time and budget, so that your business can be seen, found and heard.

being seen found and heard

Discover the 20% of Marketing Activities That Will Give You 80% of Your Marketing Results – Free Webinar

This is a fantastic big picture overview of marketing, which then drills down into which individual activities will give you the biggest bang for your marketing buck.
You’ll learn how to attract new patients, who are not only motivated prospects, but who also understand the value of what you are offering, and are predisposed to trust you.

It doesn’t matter how much or how little marketing experience you have, or what stage you’re at in your business, this webinar will be invaluable. We run through each possible marketing activity and weigh up their pros and cons so you can focus on the activities that will actually impact your business.

Turning Email Leads into Paying Customers: Using the Powerful Influences of Nurture Emails

If you want to use your site to get new clients then you need to ensure you have the following 10 elements on your website (and preferably your home page).

So, you’re publishing some great social media content onto your social networks, some of which (hopefully) are designed specifically to collect email leads. The question is then how do you convert these email leads into paying customer? I’ll explain not only why, but also how nurture emails can have such a powerful (but hidden) influence on converting someone from a prospect into a patient. 

The biggest marketing obstacles to physical therapists infographic

How Can Co-Kinetic Help?

For those of you who are keen to get started and make quick progress with your goals, we have two paid subscription plans which will help you build and engage your social media followers and your email list. And better still…here is one of the very rare discount codes we give out which will get you 5% off the subscription of your choice. Just enter the following code into the Coupon Code box at checkout CqpKu0AY (copy and paste it to be sure it’s correct – it’s case sensitive).

Social Media & Email List Building

Add value, show expertise and build trust through social media

The social media subscription we provide does everything we’ve described above. We built it specifically with those goals in mind. Intelligent, credibility-building and value-adding social media which helps you target, attract and segment your perfect patients and project a professional and authoritative social media presence.

Grow your single most important marketing asset – your email list – using our unique physical therapy-themed email list building system. Using our inbuilt scheduling tool you can post a month’s worth of in just a few minutes without any technical know-how. And lastly you have access to more than 400 patient resources with share links that you can add quickly and easily into your nurture emails, and everything can be branded with your own business details.


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Marketing & Growing Your Clinic

Ethically grow patient numbers, bookings and turnover

Serious about building a successful clinic? This is our all-in-one, bells-and-whistles package that will get your business where you want it to be. It includes everything described in the social media subscription above, PLUS ready-to-go webinars and business growth events, to pre-written nurture emails and newsletters – and a whole lot more – this is your marketing, mastered, and all for just a few hours a month.


£149 per month (licence protected)

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