Feeling Stuck

When you’ve been in business for a few years this can happen. All your efforts are focused on making the business work and then you plateau and don’t know how to get past it. The resources below will help. If you’ve completed one of our quizzes or assessments, keep an eye out on your inbox for a personalised set of email advice based on your quiz answers.

Built on Trust: A 9 Step Roadmap for Attracting Your Ideal Physical Therapy Clients Without Selling Your Soul

Tired of working all the hours in the day for a physical therapy business that feels like it only just survives? Or fluctuating between “feast or famine” with your clinic bookings? Well, now it’s time to change all that.

Built on Trust: A 9 Step Roadmap for Attracting Your Ideal Physical Therapy Clients (in less than 6 hrs a month) Without Selling Your Soul is a practical, self-paced, video course designed specifically for clinic owners within the physical therapy industry. Developed by a former physiotherapist turned multi-business owner, the course transforms the traditionally “salesy” approach to marketing into a trust-building, value-adding journey that enriches both practitioners and their patients.

The Physical Therapist’s Marketing Manual 

A practical marketing guide that will guide you through building the business you hoped for when you started out. 

The truth is, great marketing isn’t about having a fancy website or writing ‘viral’ social media posts – it’s about consistently doing the right things across a range of platforms, from running your own events to personalised special offers for your clients.

Two problems with this. Firstly, knowing what to do. Secondly, having the time to do it. If you’re like most physical/manual therapists we speak to, these two factors are your biggest barriers to successful marketing.

So we’ve put together something to help. The Co-Kinetic Marketing Compendium is your solution to the biggest problems faced by clinics like yours all over the world. It outlines everything you should be doing to successfully market your business, giving you detailed plans, suggested schedules and handy cheat sheets to make sure you’re doing the right things at the right time.

Tor on Tour – Live UK Events

In Summer 2024 Tor will be taking to the UK roads in her trusty campervan Womble to meet with practitioners, and where it works, run workshops and presentations demonstrating a range of ways in which you can grow your business with integrity.

In her presentation, she’ll walk you through building and implementing a 12 month sales and marketing plan so you have a structure to work from by the end of a session. This is very much about practical application. She'll also cover which marketing activities will move the needle for your business, and which you should ditch! If you have specific areas of marketing you'd like covered, Tor will do her best to accomodate those also.

If you're interested in attending (or hosting) a presentation (or having a meeting with Tor to discuss how Co-Kinetic could help you and your business), click the button below and share your details. 

How Can Co-Kinetic Help?

For those of you who are keen to get started and make quick progress check out our Clinic Growth Hub subscription:

Clinic Growth Hub

Transform and Automate Your Marketing Efforts

At last, a marketing product that actually works! This package provides a holistic approach to marketing, combining top-tier content with user-friendly technology. From SEO-optimised blog posts to engaging social media content, pre-written customer nurture emails, and patient resource packs, it's a comprehensive solution for therapists looking to boost visibility, trust, and engagement.

Currently £129 per month*

*Pricing increases in tiers as content and functionality is added to the ever-developing Co-Kinetic platform

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