Starting Out

New to marketing or just getting started with your business, the resources below will help you focus on getting good foundations in place and stop you from wasting time doing things that won’t move the needle for your business.

Some Tips When You’re Starting Out

  • Don’t over-invest/spend on your website. You need only 5 core pages with some key components on your home page (read the 10 Website Home Page Essentials article below) and you don’t need to spend more than £800-£1500 maximum for a super-professional looking site.
  • Utilise designers on Fiverr to help you create a really cost-effective but powerful logo and do other design work. Canva is also a great free resource to help you create your own artwork.
  • Need images and videos? There’s lots of royalty-free content on the web – check out https://pixabay.com/ and https://unsplash.com/ to get you started
  • Check out the resources below. There’s everything you need to help you to get you onto the right track from Day 1.
  • If you’ve completed one of our quizzes or assessments, keep an eye out on your inbox for a personalised set of emails based on your answers.

Helpful Free Resources

What’s Your Marketing Score?

Find Out in 2-Minutes Flat Where You’re At With Your Marketing and How You Can Improve

Ever wondered if you’re doing the right things with your marketing or whether you’ve got the right basics in place? Answer 12 simple Yes/No questions which will take you no more than two minutes and we’ll tell you how well you’ve got the basics covered.

We’ll then show you exactly where you can focus your efforts to get the greatest impact for the least amount of effort, and give your business that all important boost. We’ll even give you practical cheat sheets to help you tick off the missing elements.

I’m Starting a New Physical Therapy Business What Marketing Do I Need to Do?

This article details four key marketing cornerstones that are fundamental to building a healthy business.

It explains why each aspect is important, as well as how you can bring them to life in practical terms. It doesn’t matter if you’re not even treating patients yet, in fact you can benefit particularly by following this advice, but equally if you are already treating patients, or even running an established clinic, the cornerstones remain the same, just their order of priority will change (which I also explain).

It is also packed with practical advice and links to outside resources which will help you to implement the advice.

How to Use Content to Make Your Business More Findable on the Web

Boost Your Clinic’s Visibility: Simple SEO Strategies That Work

Creating a website for your clinic might feel like a mission accomplished, but attracting patients requires more than just going live. Remember, you’re not the only business vying for the same clients in your area. To stand out, you need to ensure your site is easily findable. This means optimizing for search engines so that when potential clients search on Google, for instance, your website ranks at or near the top. This article will guide you through simple yet effective strategies to enhance your website content and improve your search engine rankings.

The biggest marketing obstacles to physical therapists infographic

The Three Cornerstones to Marketing and Sales

Simplifying Marketing: Focus on What Really Converts

Marketing is often overcomplicated. At its core, it should revolve around three principal pillars that form a funnel aimed at converting prospects into paying customers. By focusing on the right activities at the right times, it’s hard to go wrong. However, the sheer number of marketing options and a lack of overarching strategy can make it challenging to know where to begin and what to prioritize. This often leads to wasted time, effort, and money. This article aims to help you identify what truly matters and why, enabling you to concentrate on productive activities and avoid inefficiencies.

How Can Co-Kinetic Help?

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