Great Job! Now It’s Time to Take Action

  1. Look out for emails from me (Tor Davies)
  2. I will send one each day, in priority order, giving you shortcuts to achieving the 20% of marketing actions that will have the most impact on your business
  3. There are 8 emails in total. Start with the activities in the first email and work up to the last.
  4. The activities are bite-sized and include information on why each one is important
  5. Treat it as a to-do list to give you a solid marketing foundation to build on.

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Everything I Share Will Help You

Focus on priorities and tackle the things that matter most, first

  • This email sequence is all about adding value to you
  • The emails give you in priority order, the tasks you can complete now to build solid marketing foundations
  • The advice alone is worth several £100s in consultancy value
  • It also reveals some lesser known tips and tricks on accomplishing each task on a budget

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