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Welcome to our subscriptions, created to support physical therapists in every aspect of their practice. From patient education to professional development, from holistic marketing to comprehensive growth strategies, we’ve designed a range of subscriptions tailored to your unique needs. Explore our plans below and discover the perfect fit to elevate your practice, nurture relationships, and drive growth.

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Health Connect Packs

Build Trust & Establish Authority with These Powerful Resources

Our Health Connect Packs are designed to be more than just patient leaflets. These resources serve as versatile tools to foster relationships, not just within your client base, but also through your customer emails, social networks and in outreach opportunities within the community. Branded with your logo and contact details, they’re perfect for clinics, open days, local businesses, and support groups, positioning you as a trusted figure in healthcare.

    £19.99 per month

    Professional Growth Hub

    Stay At The Top of Your Clinical Game

    The Professional Growth Hub is your gateway to staying updated with the latest in clinical evidence. Alongside the patient resources from the Health Connect Packs, this subscription offers a dynamic, peer-reviewed journal filled with practical insights, infographics, and visuals. With both online access and quarterly printed editions, it’s designed for physical therapists keen on continuous professional development.

    £24.99 per month

    Clinic Growth Hub

    Transform Your Marketing Efforts

    At last, a marketing product that actually works! This package provides a holistic approach to marketing, combining top-tier content with user-friendly technology. From SEO-optimized blog posts to engaging social media content, pre-written customer nurture emails, and patient resource packs, it’s a comprehensive solution for therapists looking to boost visibility, trust, and engagement.

    £149 per month

    COMING SOON: Practice Expander

    Complete Growth Solution for Ambitious Practices

    For those hungry for business growth, the Practice Expander is the ultimate package. It encompasses the best of the marketing suite, adding specific sales strategies like pre-written PowerPoint presentations for educational sessions. With integrated marketing tools, it offers a seamless journey from raising awareness to converting prospects, all while adding continuous value in a completely ‘unsalesy’ way.

    Price still to be confirmed

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