Co-Kinetic Add-Ons

The Co-Kinetic Add-Ons are designed as flexible, one-off options aimed at enhancing specific areas of your clinic marketing. These add-ons can be purchased with or without a subscription to the Clinic Growth Hub, giving you a tailored approach to meet your unique marketing needs.

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Build Your Patient Email List and Prospective Customer Base:

Clear, Cost-Effective Lead Generation Ad Management for Your Clinic

Our service is all about clarity, transparency and efficiency in expanding your patient base. We will set up Google and/or social media ads on your behalf, designed to align with our proven content campaigns. After the initial setup cost, it’s just minor tweaks to keep things running smoothly. You’re in control, deciding when to pause based on lead volume, budget, or time—whatever fits your strategy. This approach isn’t just about collecting any leads; it’s about building a list of prospective patients who are already interested in what your clinic offers, making it easier to nurture them into loyal customers. With everything branded and integrated into your existing Clinic Growth Hub subscription, these leads can become part of a warm list that’s not just for immediate conversions but for ongoing patient engagement and future sales. Note: this add-on service requires an active Clinic Growth Hub subscription, ensuring a seamless extension of your marketing efforts to attract the right audience and grow your clinic.

Pricing is just £150 per lead collection campaign, for comprehensive ad creation and campaign setup, with the flexibility for you to choose your own ad spend. There is an additional one-off set up fee of £35 per ad channel (eg. Google ads, Facebook, Instagram etc).

Personalised Marketing Strategy Review:

Boost Your Marketing, Regardless of Your Starting Point

Our one-off Marketing Strategy Review is designed to meet you wherever you are in your marketing journey. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your existing efforts, our expert review will give you personalised insights to increase your marketing effectiveness and help your clinic thrive. The service consists of three key stages:

  1. Initial Consultation: A focused discussion to understand your current marketing efforts, aspirations, and challenges.
  2. Strategic Report: A detailed document offering tailored recommendations and insights. You’ll receive:
    • Comprehensive Analysis: We’ll thoroughly examine your current marketing strategies, evaluating everything from your online presence and content effectiveness to your ad campaigns and social media engagement.
    • Actionable Recommendations: Get precise, actionable advice customised to your clinic’s specific needs and objectives. We’ll identify strengths, areas for improvement, and opportunities for growth to chart a clear course forward.
    • Best Practices Guidance: Gain insights into industry best practices and innovative marketing trends suitable for physical therapy clinics, ensuring you’re equipped with knowledge to stay ahead.
  3. Follow-Up Support: A session dedicated to discussing the report, clarifying recommendations, and addressing any questions, ensuring you feel confident and prepared to implement the suggested strategies.

This service is uniquely designed to benefit clinics of all sizes, from solo practitioners just starting out to multi-practitioner, established businesses. By providing you with a model to follow, our One-Off Marketing Strategy Review lays the groundwork for a sustainable, scalable marketing approach. Regardless of your clinic’s current size or stage of development, we’ll give you strategies and insights to grow your patient base and enhance your clinic’s reputation effectively. 

NOTE: This service does NOT require you to be a Clinic Growth Hub subscriber.

Price: One-off cost of £300

Google Review Boost:

Make Your Happy Patients Your Loudest Supporters

Google reviews boost your clinic’s SEO and visibility, helping you rank higher in search results. They provide social proof, building trust with potential patients and influencing their decision to choose your clinic. Essentially, these reviews are key to attracting new patients and enhancing your online reputation.

Our Google Review Boost service is all about simplicity and effectiveness. It’s designed to help your clinic capture the positive experiences of your patients and showcase them online. Here’s our down-to-earth approach:

  • Assessment of Your Current Systems: We start by understanding the tools and processes you already have in place. It’s about working with what you’ve got and making it better.
  • Setting Up a Sustainable Review Process: Based on your needs, we’ll help set up an automated system for gathering reviews or create a simple method for you to send out review requests periodically. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for your satisfied patients to share their thoughts. Don’t worry we’ll provide you with the review request emails as well.
  • Smart Filtering: We’ll ensure your process includes a way to reach out to patients who haven’t left a review yet, avoiding those who already have. It keeps things efficient and respectful.
  • Long-Term Value: By the end of our service, you’ll have a system in place that continues to work for you, gathering valuable patient feedback that boosts your online reputation and helps prospective patients trust in choosing your clinic.

No matter the size of your clinic, genuine reviews are gold. They tell the story of your clinic’s care and service from those who’ve experienced it firsthand. Let us help you make the most of your patient feedback, turning satisfaction into a steady stream of positive reviews.

Pricing for our Google Review Boost service starts at £150 but may vary slightly based on how much work is required to build a review system around your existing email marketing or clinic booking systems. After our initial discussion and a brief assessment, we’ll provide you with a detailed cost breakdown. Rest assured, our goal is to offer you a valuable service that fits within your budget and meets your clinic’s specific needs.

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