Patient Information Resources 

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Increase customer engagement, build trust and authority, add value and save serious amounts of time with our entry-level patient information subscription.

Why Choose a Patient Information Subscription

Sharing great content can help bring in new customers, keep in touch with current (and old) ones, and add real value to the service you offer – all in a friendly, value-adding and ‘non salesy’ way.

Patient Information Leaflets

Powerful resources that help you to educate, add value, build trust and establish authority at every stage of the prospect to patient journey – “a cut above the usual patient leaflets!”

Patient Information Leaflets

Customer Newsletters

Brandable ready-to-send customer newsletters which you can print, email or post to current customers, re-engage past ones and motivate new prospects to book an appointment

Print Out Posters and Wall Art

Make sure your clinic looks the part! Our professionally designed visuals will give your waiting rooms and clinics the air of professionalism it deserves – whilst also providing valuable information for your clients

Promote Positive Business Actions

Make the most of all that goodwill! Use our pre-designed templates to nudge clients into leaving positive reviews, sharing your material and social media, and generally being your best advocates

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Download our free patient resource pack and see how easy it can be to get started with your content marketing. There’s a little bit of everything in here – from engaging newsletters to add that little extra value for your customers, to attractive posters to brighten up your clinic. What’s more, everything can be branded with your own logo for maximum effect.

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Our Patient Information subscription is a great way to start out with our resources, and to find out more about the power of education-based marketing.

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