Welcome to the “Who Cares What People Think? Social Proofing for Physical Therapists” Resource Kit 🎉

You now have access to our awesome set of social proofing resources designed to help you build trust, attract new patients, and enhance your online presence.

Your free toolkit includes:

  • Review Request Materials: Customisable Canva artwork for cards, posters and leaflets to encourage patient reviews.
  • Email Templates: Proven emails you can use for requesting reviews.
  • Social Media Artwork: Editable Canva templates for testimonials.
  • Case Study Guide: A framework for creating success stories.
  • Quantitative Proof Panels: Tools to showcase achievements.
  • No-Bullsh*t Workbook: Guide to implementing these strategies.

If you want to jump straight to the practical tools and resources 🛠, scroll to the last quarter of the guide, you’ll find them on p18 onwards. I hope you find this resource useful, we’ve put a lot of love and effort into it 🥰.  Enjoy 🤗.

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