The Co-Kinetic Team

We are a small team based all over the world but with a united passion to create the resources that enable physical and manual therapists to save time, and money and change their own lives as well as the future of their businesses.

The Main Cast

Tor Davies

Co-Kinetic Founder

I’m a physio-turned publisher with a passion for technology and a ‘verging on OCD-like’ obsession with efficiency and effectiveness! I spend way too much time coming up with new ways of using technology to help practitioners develop their businesses, a topic that I also speak on regularly at global conferences. I’m mad about dogs and love pubs too 🙂

Debra Asher

Art Director and all round design whizz!

Co-Kinetic would not be the same without Debra. She’s been with us since Day 1 of sportEX (the Co-Kinetic predecessor) which we launched in 1999. Her design skills are second to none and she can do anything she turns her hand to be it social media, infographics, magazine layout, web pages, marketing material…the list is endless.

Alison Sleigh

Medical Editor

After a run of unpredictable medical editors, by luck we chanced upon Alison. When it comes to her editing, she’s a perfectionist but even better still, many of our authors who she works with, are so impressed with her calmness, thoroughness and professionalism, that they frequently ask for her details so that she can help them with their own research projects.

Ben (The Word Butler) Martin

Co-Kinetic Copywriter

Ben has worked as a writing lecturer at the University of Swansea, South Wales, a landscape gardener in the Eden that is New Zealand and an ambassador for the English language in Japan. (He also apparently been the lead guitarist in a wedding band and can still do a mean Billie Jean on request!). Ben crafts the words we produce for you in our content marketing campaigns, into vibrant, engaging sentences to help you draw your customers in and build trust. He writes the blog posts, nurture emails, social media posts, email sign-up pages and animations that we include across all those campaigns. He’s based in Swansea, South Wales, works for clients from all over the UK as well as New Zealand, Australia and the U.S.

Kathryn Thomas

Senior Contributor

Kath is a physiotherapist with a Masters degree in Sports Physiotherapy from the Institute of Sports Science and University of Cape Town, South Africa. She currently lives in the middle of the most idyllic ‘bush’ in Zimbabwe and is married to one of my  oldest friends.

She has a passion for the practical application of research which makes her the perfect lead contributor for Co-Kinetic.

Bob Bramah

Physiotherapist, lecturer in Sport, Exercise & Physiotherapy and Co-Kinetic Journal Watch author

Bob is a chartered physiotherapist specialising in soft tissue therapy. He has worked in Premiership rugby, football and ice hockey, as well as with the GB National Teams for Basketball, Handball, Volleyball, Diving, Wheelchair Rugby, and with the England Cricket Team. He was part of the organising committee medical team at the London Olympics where he worked in the Polyclinic within the Athletes Village and the Athens Olympics where he worked with the fighting sports. He holds a Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy in addition to qualifications in Sports Therapy, Sports Massage, Holistic Therapies and Resuscitation and Emergency Management On field (REMO). 

Alex Ryan – Marketing 101

Co-Kinetic Marketing Consultant

Tor realised (eventually) that it was too tough to do all her clients’ marketing as well as her own, and brought in a marketing consultant and team, to help her to promote Co-Kinetic! It has been life-changing. Being able to share the load with such an experienced marketer as Alex, and and having someone external to critically appraise, improve and refine our existing processes has made it feel like our wings are at last now strong enough to fly with! It brings new appreciation of the value of consultancy to business growth.


Marc Brand – DogFish Design

Website Design and Build

Marc and his team designed and built the new Co-Kinetic website in just 6 weeks, with a total turnaround of just 12 weeks from the writing of the web copy, to going live. And we couldn’t be more pleased with the end result. Marc continues to support our technology endeavours and we will very soon be exploring ways in which we can introduce his considerable design and web-building skills to our own customers in the not too distant future.



The Co-Kinetic Dog

Absolutely vital to keeping Tor on track! 

The Supporting Cast

In addition to the main cast, we are very ably supported by an amazing team of technology developers who bring the ideas we have for the Co-Kinetic platform to life. In addition our accountant and book keeper keep us on the straight and narrow and our long-time printers (Cambrian) turn Debbie’s design magic into pages of a real old-school printed magazine. We outsource most of our specialist work such as whiteboard animation creation, specific infographics and other technological wonders, to those who are better qualified than Tor, although in their absence, she’ll give it bash anyway!

The Co-Kinetic Story …so far

Doing it differently, but hopefully doing it right!

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